Microsoft Announces That Skype For Business Will Be Replaced By Teams Which Is Already Integrated With Office 365

Skype Business

Skype Business

“improvements still need to be made”

The company Microsoft has officially announced that it will abandon its application Skype for Enterprise and replace it with its Teams work platform that is integrated with Office 365. But to reassure its users, Microsoft made it clear that both solutions could be used at the same time and on the same machine without creating conflict. This should make it easier for the companies concerned to compare the two working solutions and to decide where to go. Moreover, the two working platforms are compatible with each other.

The American technology company took advantage of the Ignite conference it is organizing in Orlando, Florida from September 25 to 29 to make this announcement. The Windows Editor already allows users of the Office 365 suite to upgrade from the Skype application in their corporate version to Microsoft Teams.

The Redmond company said it plans to add new and improved features to Microsoft Teams so users do not feel lost after migrating to the new work platform. Most of these features were already present in the Skype Enterprise Edition, but so far they were badly needed by Microsoft Teams. For example, introducing incoming and outgoing calls to PSTN numbers, call waiting, call forwarding, voicemail, and other useful features for calls or conferences. .

Microsoft also plans to introduce audio conferencing support on its new enterprise-class work platform. However, this feature should only be proposed as a first step.

For now, it’s unclear exactly when exactly Microsoft will completely replace Skype for Enterprise by Teams, but that will probably not happen until the features mentioned are built into Teams. The Redmond firm also plans to release a new version of Skype for Business Server by the second half of 2018 for its customers still operating PBX systems that are not ready to transition to Teams.

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