Microsoft Announces End Of Support For Word, Excel And PowerPoint Viewer

And recommend solutions accessible via Windows 10 and Office 365

Today, there are several solutions for viewing documents in Office formats, especially when it comes to viewing Word, Excel or PowerPoint files. Many of these are available online and require no third-party software installation.

For its part, the Redmond firm maintains a list of applications that can quickly view documents in Microsoft Office formats. The main advantage of these applications is that they are lightweight, have good compatibility and prevent the user from installing the heavier applications recommended by Microsoft and which are usually delivered with Office, the Productivity Suite. complete Windows editor.

The Microsoft Word Viewer, Excel Viewer, and PowerPoint Viewer applications are some of the quick viewers that have been specifically designed to make it easier for users to view the content of documents created in Microsoft Office. Originally, Microsoft would have implemented these solutions to ease the transition to the new default file formats supported on the most recent versions of its Office Suite.

Microsoft now wants to adopt a new policy and plans to stop distributing its Office Word, PowerPoint and Excel Viewer file viewer. Microsoft now mentions the dates from which these applications will be decommissioned and their respective download links will be removed. Word Viewer, for example, should be removed this month, while PowerPoint Viewer and Excel Viewer are expected to disappear in April 2018.

“Microsoft Word Viewer will be removed in November 2017. As of this date, the application will no longer be available for download and will no longer receive security updates,” says Microsoft in a short note. published on the application’s download page.

Even though the download links will be removed and the support closed, it will still be possible to use the outdated versions of these applications to view Office documents. Nevertheless, it is important to know that Microsoft will not provide any new security updates beyond the above dates. As a result, any vulnerabilities discovered in these applications after the announced deadline could be exploited by cybercriminals and compromise the security of the end user’s data.

Microsoft is now recommending that people continue to use simple solutions such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Viewer to visualize documents created with their Office Suite from Windows 10, Office 365, or, if not, OneDrive.

With Windows 10, they will be able to download and install Office mobile apps from the Windows Store. These apps are free and can also be used on iOS and Android devices by installing the correct version of the software from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Office 365, for its part, can be tested free of charge for a trial period of one month. Office 365 has all the official software recommended by the Redmond firm to create, edit, manage or view Office files online. Finally, OneDrive can be used as a last resort to download documents and view them online.

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