Enable Windows Embedded SSH Client in Windows 10


Since the Fall Creators Update update, Windows includes an OpenSSH client that allows you to connect to a Secure Shell server. No more need to go through a third-party utility like Putty.

  1. The SSH client is available as an option and is not installed by default. To install it, click the Start button and then Settings.open settings windows
  2. Click Apps.Apps-Settings
  3. Click Manage optional features.Manage optional features
  4. Click Add a feature.Add feature settings
  5. Click OpenSSH Client (Beta) and then click the Install button.OpenSSH Client Install
  6. Restart your computer.
  7. You can now use the SSH client by using the ssh command in a PowerShell or Command Prompt window. Enter the command and confirm with Enter to know the syntax of the command. The options and syntax are the same as the ssh command under Linux or MacOS.


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