Goobuntu – Google abandons Ubuntu-based Linux Distribution for Debian

Goobuntu glinux

For years, Google has used Goobuntu, a custom Linux distribution based on Ubuntu LTS (Long Term Support) versions. Google, however, was not a contributor to the Ubuntu project, but simply used distribution as a client for the Ubuntu Advantage program.

By the way, it should be noted that Ubuntu is available for free download and users can also get free support from the community. But for companies with production workloads, Canonical offers a suite of tools and services through its Ubuntu Advantage program to help them get the most out of their Ubuntu deployments.

Last August, during the DebConf 17 event, the Mountain View giant announced plans to abandon Ubuntu. For its in-house machines, Google will migrate from Goobuntu to gLinux, a distribution based on Debian Testing. Note that the Debian testing distribution contains packages that have not yet been accepted into the stable distribution but are waiting to be accepted. The main benefit of using this distribution is that it contains newer versions of the software.

Goobuntu glinux

The migration process from Goobuntu to gLinux has now begun. The exact reasons for dropping Ubuntu are not yet known, but it will allow Google to perform timely testing of packages and fix problems. The migration from Google to gLinux is also good news for the Debian project, as Google will contribute upstream to the project. But for Canonical, it’s certainly a big loss. Although Ubuntu has a large number of clients in the server and cloud arena, and remains one of the most popular Linux distributions on the PC market, Google is still a big payer.

source : itsfoss

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