Haven – the portable security system on Android proposed by Snowden

Can he compete with surveillance cameras?

The Freedom of the Press Foundation (an NGO whose mission is to defend the freedom of the press and help journalists revealing corruption, misdemeanors and mismanagement of governments) and the Guardian Project (an initiative developing secure applications , open and easy to use to protect their communications and personal data) have launched a new Android application named Haven.

His goal is to turn a phone into a mini-surveillance kit. Users can install the Haven app on their primary or secondary phone, and the app will work by relying on the phone’s sensors (microphone, motion detector, light sensor, and cameras) to analyze the surroundings for the search. any change in environmental data.

For example, he will use the camera to detect motion and capture images, the accelerometer to detect when the phone is moved, the microphone to detect noise, and so on.

Haven only saves images and sound when it’s triggered by motion or pressing the volume key, and can store this information locally on the device or send it to another phone or to a remote website even when hosted on the Dark Web.

“The main view of the application allows the user to define which sensors to use and the corresponding sensitivity level,” explain Haven developers. “A security code must be provided, necessary to disable monitoring.”

You can position the device’s camera to capture visible movements, or set up your phone in a quiet place to listen for noises. You can receive secure notifications of intrusion events instantly and access remote logs later.

Edward Snowden, who is the president of the Foundation, and the rest of the development team created the app for use in the case of so-called “evil maid” attacks, an expression used to describe people with access physical to a device.

Users can then use Haven in different ways. They can leave the phone where Haven runs in their hotel room during their absence and receive notifications on another phone if someone enters the room.

They can also leave the Haven phone on a laptop or PC, and see if anyone is in front of the PC or trying to move the phone to access the laptop (and sensitive data contained in the PC).

They can install a Haven phone inside the safes and see if anyone else accesses its contents when they are away.

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