Office 2019 Will Only Be Available On Windows 10

Microsoft office 2019

Microsoft office 2019

“Microsoft also reduces the extended support of this version to two years”

Having focused its strategy on the cloud in recent years, Microsoft is encouraging businesses to move to Office 365 to take advantage of its cloud-based desktop applications, in addition to many other features and applications that are not available with the cloud. traditional version of Office. “Office 365 offers cloud-aware versions of Office applications that are always up-to-date … but we recognize that some customers are not ready to move to the cloud and will instead choose to deploy on-premise or hybrid architectures,” Microsoft says in a blog post. For these customers, the software giant will continue to offer the traditional version of Office at least for a while. Office 2019, for example, will be available later in the year after pre-releases that will be released starting in the second quarter. But the next version of Microsoft Office will not be available to anyone hoping to use it.

In an article on support for Windows and Office, released Thursday by Microsoft, the software giant has indeed announced that the next version of its office suite will only be supported on Windows 10 and Windows Server. In other words, Office 2019 can not be installed on Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, while their extended media will end respectively in January 2020 and January 2023. So you will need to upgrade to Windows 10 if you want the latest version of Office without you subscribe to the Microsoft Office 365 service.

Microsoft also changes the duration of Office 2019 support. Like other versions of Windows and Office, Office 2019 will benefit from a five-year core support, but an “about two-year” extended support instead of five years. Microsoft explains that “modern software offers not only new features to help users do their best, but also new and more efficient management solutions and more comprehensive security approaches,” says Microsoft. software older than 10 years that has not benefited from this innovation is difficult to secure and intrinsically less productive. And as the pace of innovation accelerates, Microsoft has made sense to no longer support its software for as long as 10 years, at least with regard to Office 2019. There is no change to the duration support for existing versions of Office.

The announced changes also concern Windows 10, among others. About Windows 10, Microsoft has decided to expand its support for businesses and customers in the educational community. “Windows 10 is rapidly being adopted by organizations of all sizes, and many customers have made significant progress in moving to Windows as a service … However, some have asked for an extension of standard support to 18 months for updates. of Windows 10, “said Microsoft. To help these customers, Microsoft has announced an additional six months of support for the Enterprise and Education editions of Windows 10, versions 1607, 1703 and 1709.

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