Google Flights – Google says it can warn you of flight delays before air carriers

Google Flights, the service specializing in search, purchase and flight monitoring Google, wants to distance itself from the competition. To do this, Alphabet’s affiliate service relies on artificial intelligence to inform users if flights may be delayed even before the information has been disclosed by airlines.

To explain the motivation behind it, Anket Mathur, Product Manager of Flights at Google, said, “One of the most stressful parts of the trip is between the airport and the flight waiting, because you start to check if your flight is on time. Flights is already experiencing delays, and now we share the reasons for these delays and make a forecast of the delays for these delays as well. ”

Clearly, only predictions with at least 80% certainty will be displayed in the app, although the company believes that it is still better to go to the airport in advance even if its application predicts a delay. The app will also provide reasons for delays, such as the weather or an aircraft arriving late.

As you can see below, the predictions appear as a small text box above the flight information: on the left, in green, it is marked that the flight is on time; on the right, in red, it is indicated that the delay is 42 minutes.

The company took the opportunity to present a new feature that aims to help travelers understand what basic economy fares include and exclude with the price of their ticket. For now, this option is only available for a limited number of airlines.

“New fare types like Basic Economy are great for budget travelers, but it’s sometimes hard to understand if there are important options, such as space for bags, the ability to select your seat, and the cost of travel. luggage, are included in the price. Google Flights now offers information for flights on American, Delta and United. “

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