Mac Office 2016 now shares the same base code with Windows, Android, and Office iOS

Microsoft has recently released a major update to its Office for Mac desktop suite (Mac Office 2016 build 16 build 18011602). In addition to the many features it brings, this update includes real-time collaboration options on Word, more formulas on Excel, and options for backing up / restoring files on the cloud.

In addition, it fixes some vulnerabilities related to remote code execution (CVE-2018-0792, CVE-2018-0794, and CVE-2018-0793). It also marks a significant step forward in its publisher’s course of action for several years: unify the Office code for Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS.

Now, the 16 Mac Office 2016 and its counterpart on Windows share the same code that was written in C ++, a first for more than 20 years. This should allow the Redmond firm to better support its office suite Office on all platforms where it is used (Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS).

As Erik Schwiebert, senior software engineer at Microsoft, said, the Office for Mac program code is already old, even older than some developers working at Microsoft every day to improve it. He commented on this information on his Tweeter account by writing: “For the first time in more than 20 years, Office is again made of a common code for all platforms (Windows Mac, iOS, and Android). ”

Regarding the collaboration options previously mentioned, it can be pointed out that Word, Excel and PowerPoint have been optimized to allow several users to work on documents at the same time.

Thumbnails displayed in the upper right corner of the application window indicate to different users who is working on the document. In addition, changes to manipulated files are automatically backed up to the cloud with a detailed history that allows you to restore earlier versions of the same file at any time.

Excel should, in parallel, see its improved multithreaded performance, while PowerPoint should provide better support for the use of laser pointers in slideshows.

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