Android P will know a spectacular redesign and bring the support of the notch as the iPhone X

According to Bloomberg, Google would be working on a dramatic redesign of Android to support the next generation of smartphones that could copy the notch on the iPhone X. The new major update of the mobile OS on behalf of “Android P” code is expected later this year, it should bring better integration with Google’s personal assistant, better battery life and support new designs, such as multiple screens and foldable screens.

The main goal of the next Android update is to persuade more iOS users to migrate to Google’s mobile OS. The search engine intends to achieve this end by improving the design of its mobile OS. Bloomberg reported that this update would be quite the opposite of the next iOS update that should focus on performance and security.

Although Android continues to control the entry and mid-range segments of the global smartphone market, Apple controls the bulk of high-end sales, a segment that includes users spending more on apps and other services. For this reason, Google hopes that supporting the notch could help remedy this situation. This new design means that the next Android devices should have more space at the top of the screen to place cameras and other sensors. They will be able to bring new features to allow manufacturers to stay close to the elbow with technology from Apple.

But despite the rapid development cycle of Android, the mobile OS continues to suffer the problem of fragmentation. Indeed, out of more than one billion users, only a small minority runs under the latest version of Android Oreo. In fact, most users continue to use outdated versions of the OS, exposing users to real security risks and damaging Android’s reputation.

Google, which is a subsidiary of Alphabet, controls the software development of Android, while other manufacturers are responsible for the design of terminals. The search giant’s partners can also modify Android according to their needs, which means that not all the next Android smartphones will include the famous notch. This is especially true for Samsung, which has not missed the opportunity to make fun of Apple’s choice after the release of the iPhone X.

However, the fact that Google will support designs including a notch at the top of the screen suggests that the firm Mountain View hopes to see the design of the iPhone X gain popularity. For now, only a smartphone Essential, a startup led by Andy Rubin, includes the choice of design popularized by the iPhone X. But according to sources familiar with the subject, Huawei should also launch a smartphone with a similar design.

Android P should also focus on Google’s assistant who competes with Apple’s Siri and Alexa’s Amazon. Rumors suggest that developers will finally be able to integrate Google Assistant into their applications.

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