Android P could be called Android Pie with reference to the figure Pi

Android P could well take the name of Android Pie (pie). An appellation that would keep the tradition of cookies and desserts while making a nod to the mathematical symbol. Or how to claim to be greedy and geeky at a time. Nothing is decided yet of course, but Pi would be the code name used at Google for Android 9.0.

An appellation that allows to stay in the tradition of sweets and desserts while referring to the mathematical symbol Pi (3.14159265 …). Android P, code-name Android Pi. Google developers would use anyway the code name Android Pi to refer to Android 9.0, says Mishaal Rahman, specialist of Android Open Source Project (AOSP) for the site XDA Developers. Digging into the source code, he fell twice on references to Pi. Of course, it may be a temporary name, and nothing will be certain until the formalization of Google.

Rahman’s research has also led him to learn a little more about Project Treble, which speeds up the availability of Android updates. Appeared with Oreo, it would not be fully integrated before the arrival of Android P. Improvements in this area can make us hope that Android 9.0 is better adopted than its predecessor: Oreo is installed on less than 1% of smartphones Android.

We still know very little about the future Android P. XDA Developers had by the same means used to discover Android Pi already found that operators will be able to hide the strength of the network signal on Android 9.0. It could also be that Google is focusing on its Android Go and Android Things ecosystems. It will be necessary to wait several more months to be entitled to a communication on the next Google OS.

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