5G – the United States will be the first country to have it in 2018

The 5G will be available in the United States from 2018! The US operator AT & T will launch the network of the future in a dozen US cities by the end of this year. In its official statement, the operator also lifted the veil on the 5G speeds that will be offered to its subscribers.

As reported by AT & T, the second largest telecommunications operator in the United States behind Verizon, 5G will be launched in many cities by the end of the year. These include mega cities such as Dallas, Atlanta, and the city of Texas. The other antennas, intended for the less populated areas, will be installed in the following months, during the year 2019. “AT & T is the only US telecom that has announced its intention to deploy this revolutionary technology in 2018” says the operator.

5G: several cities in the United States will benefit from 2018

“We are working with a tight schedule to allow our customers to take advantage of the 5G mobile phone when we launch the network this year,” said the operator in its release. Only a handful of subscribers, however, will benefit from the 5G network this year. The operator says that other devices will be added to the list of mobiles compatible with its network in early 2019.

On the theoretical side, AT & T is reassuring and enthusiastic “With a higher speed and a lower latency, our 5G mobile network will enable our customers to have exciting experiences.” The operator claims that its 5G network will be faster and will suffer from a lower latency rate than 4G. The delay between when you start a query and where the connection to the network is established will be shorter.

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