Google Pay is officially available

And Google Wallet has been renamed Google Pay Send

The Mountain View company has announced the official launch of Google Pay and its deployment on supported devices in lieu of Android Pay and Google Wallet services. With its new payment solution, the search giant promises to offer a consistent payment experience to all users of Android and Chrome OS.

Google Pay brings together all the payment solutions proposed by Google until now in a single package. This tool would be the result of a redesign / merger and renaming of old payment technologies available to Google (change in form), without there having been drastic revisions in the specifications (no change in the background ). This measure would essentially allow the Alphabet subsidiary to unify two payment solutions that could have been perceived as competitors.

Google claims that the advanced security technologies that underpin the operation of its new payment solution offer its customers the best guarantees in terms of encryption and protection of personal information. It can even be used to pay for travel tickets in cities like London, Portland and Kiev. In the process, Google Wallet has been renamed Google Pay Send and additional features should be added to Google Pay in the coming months, such as the ability to send and request money.

“You still get an extra level of security, because Google Pay does not share your actual card number when you pay in the store,” said the company.

The Google Pay app has a Maps tab where you can find information about your credit or debit cards, gift cards and loyalty programs. At the Home tab, you’ll be able to view information about your recent purchases, discover nearby stores, get tips to help you get the app started and more.

“We are currently working to integrate Google Pay with all Google products. This way, you’ll be able to shop on Chrome or with your assistant. We also work with online partners and stores, so you can see Google Pay on sites, apps and your favorite spaces through the world, “added Google.

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